About Us

We are a family business. Our main focus is graft production and the wholesale trade of planting stocks used for grape propagation. Hungary's accession to the EU has made it easier for us to develop closer contacts with foreign (Austrian, Slovakian, Czech, Italian, German and Croatian) grape nurseries. Our territory is a six-hectare registered plantation and it is monitored by several authorities.

A variety of authorities also keeps us in their records and provides supervision. We have grafts of almost all the existing grape varieties (wine) in our wide selection as well as grafts of resistant and seedless table wine species. Our values: appropriate pest control (without harmful weed killers), environment-friendly viniculture, bunch selection. The greatest evidence is, of course, the quality of our wines. We also age high quality bottled wines in our modern, state-of-the-art cellar.

Hermann pincészet, H-9421 Fertőrákos, Szent Sebestyén u. 21.
Telefon: 0036-20-9345970, E-Mail:, Web:www.hermann-wein.com